LabCancer: Laboratory of Cancer Pharmacology
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    Publicado em 23/07/2019 às 02:02

    LabCancer at Universidade de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Department of Pharmacology (, was launched in 2017 devoted to study molecular aspects governing oncogenesis, cancer cells invasion and metastasis as well as chemoresistance and chemotoxicity.

    Have a look at our lab presentation video!

    We are focused in understanding how oncogenes and tumor suppressors loss- and gain-of- functions may modulate mechanisms not limited to their classical role in cell cycle control and DNA damage response, but also those associated with tumor microenvironment, intratumoral inflammation and metastatic spreading.

    Our research models include in vitro testing in cancer cell lines and preclinical cancer models, which are complemented with clinical samples and bioinformatics approaches.

    Our current research topics include:

    • Mammary tissue inflammation in breast cancer oncogenesis
    • Gain-of-function of Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors NRF2, p53 and BRCA1 in breast and lung cancers
    • Tumor secretoma in immune evasion and metastatic spreading

    The long-term aim of our team is to identify targeted signaling pathways and drug combinations that can improve anticancer therapy, especially in difficult-to-treat cancer subtypes and metastatic disease.